At Rental Live Scandinavia we have extensive experience with deliveries and complete solutions for many different types of corporate events, exhibitions, conferencies, concerts or festivals. Whether it is a smaller dinner, conference, kickoff, customer event or the big gala party, we will help you. We offer everything from sounds, lights, scenes and much more. We can also provide transportation and proffesional help to choose the right equipment from our technical support. With long experience, dedication and professional equipment, we help you create a memorable impression and experience your audience desires.

Light Ross

We have available many types of truss to help you with any type of show or presentation.

Rörligt ljus

We have available wide portfolio of effect lights to create the best effect during your event or show.

LED vägg

If you feel that your moving video message really should reach out and a LED TV becomes too small, then we would recommend the LED wall, which can be almost in any size.


Can be varied indefinitely. The basis are risers with dimensions of 2x1 meters, where the height can be varied. 4x3m, 6x4m and 8x6m are usual sizes, but may vary. These are suitable for smaller meetings and events at conference facilities, hotels or similar. Larger stages are offered as needed.


We have a wide portfolio of moving and static lights to create the ultimate visual experience for your event or show. The following packages match our sound systems.


We can create a sound system that fits all your needs. To make it simple, we present three suggestions that can be modified. All equipment is of the highest quality and from well-known brands.The prices indicated are without transport, mounting or dismantling, but we can of course offer that.